• 'Officers are comparing me to Casey Anthony,' mom of boy in 'torture case' told parents

    By: Jason Kelly , Field Sutton


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Newly released jailhouse phone calls provide insight into how a woman arrested in connection with the death of her 2-year-old son was adjusting to life at the Orange County Jail.

    In July, Johnathan Pursglove beat Jayce Martin to death in what was described by detectives as a case of torture, police said.

    Pursglove and Victoria Toth, his girlfriend and Jayce's mother, face manslaughter charges in connection with the boy's death.


    In the newly released calls with Toth's parents, she did not mention Jayce while listing what was wrong with her life since her arrest.

    "I'm confused. I miss you guys. I miss my bed. I miss Johnathan. I miss food," she said. "I haven't even been able to eat. I've had a couple of pieces of bread in the four days I've been here. And some water."

    Toth told her parents that her case was drawing comparisons to another case involving an Orange County woman who had been charged in connection with the death of her child.

    "The officers are comparing me to Casey Anthony," she said.

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    "Don't listen to them," her mother said. "Don't you listen to them."

    In another phone call after Toth's arrest, her lawyer and her parents urged her to not communicate with Pursglove.

    "Do not have contact with anyone in his family," her father said. "I know it's difficult to hear that, but it's a harsh reality right now. And it's going to mean the difference -- it can alter the outcome of this entire thing."

    "Yeah, I can't talk to Johnathan," Toth said.

    "Or his family. Nobody," her mother said. "If you do, Tori, you're done."

    Pursglove mouthed, "I love you" to Toth during a court hearing last month.

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    During that hearing, Judge Gail Adams learned that Toth had moved in with Pursglove's sister.

    "What I've heard today could in fact be in violation of her bond," Adams said.

    Toth was released from jail after paying bail, but visitation logs said she returned to that jail to visit Pursglove at least 10 times.

    A court hearing is scheduled for Friday to determine if adjustments should be made to Toth's bond conditions, because of the revelations of Pursglove's last hearing.

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