'Peace restored': Condo complex residents say they're grateful for noisy neighbor's conviction

ORLANDO, Fla. — Some Orlando condominium complex residents said they have received justice after being harassed and tormented by their neighbor for at least two years.

Channel 9 has followed the case since 2015, when a woman was accused of rigging a speaker system to intentionally aggravate her neighbors in the Dr. Phillips neighborhood.

Marianna Seachrist was recently found guilty on stalking charges. She has been jailed while awaiting sentencing.


She is scheduled to be sentenced next week unless a continuance is granted, court records said.

Some people said they moved from their condominiums because of the noise, which included constant thumping.

Investigators said they discovered in Seachrist's condominium speakers that were held down by cinder blocks, facing the floor and connected to an amplifier.

Seachrist is also accused of dropping bowling balls or weights on the floor at night.

The Phillips Bay Condominium Association said it brought an arbitration complaint against Seachrist to the state of Florida.

The complaint alleged "shocking stories of torment," including "playing a movie on a continuous loop, 'The Nightmare Before Christmas,' at a really loud level."

An elderly neighbor "wept when she told the board of the constant pounding noises. She was losing sleep and eventually had to move into a hotel and sell her unit," the complaint said.

Some residents said they were "worried for their safety," the document said.

The association's president said Seachrist asked him, "How would you like it if I hired somebody to kill you?"

Her parents sent an email to the judge, asking for spiritual help for their daughter so she may "confess and find peace in her soul," court records said.

It is unknown why Seachrist went to such measures. She now faces foreclosure on her condominium.

One of her neighbors told Channel 9 on Wednesday that peace has been restored to the complex.

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