• 15 weapons stolen from Orlando pawn shop


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando police said 15 weapons were stolen from a pawn shop during a break-in at the Southern Oaks Gun and Pawn Shop on Orange Avenue early Tuesday morning.

    Police released surveillance video of the burglars, which shows four or five people rush into the store, smash cases and grab guns.

    Police said they used a stolen car to pull the bars off the front of the building, and then a brick to break the door.

    Investigators said the burglars stole 14 semiautomatic handguns and an air rifle.

    A witness said he saw the burglars jump into a second vehicle and take off.

    "A Ram Truck, a gray truck, brand new," said Charles Mullen.

    Police said the burglars left no fingerprints and the stolen car used to break-in was clean.

    Investigators say the best clue is the surveillance video.

    "That's all we have and as you can see it's very limited information because these four individuals were covered from head all the way down," said Orlando Police Sgt. Vince Ogburn.

    Police said the value of the weapons is about $5,000 and the damage to the shop is about $15,000.

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    15 weapons stolen from Orlando pawn shop