• 9 Investigates fake foreclosure money


    WFTV’s 9 Investigates looked into serious concerns about one of the biggest foreclosure law firms in the state.

    If the bank has foreclosed on your property or you were the tenant in a foreclosure, chances are you've heard of the Florida Default Law Group.

    But now, investigative reporter George Spencer has uncovered hundreds of complaints and a major state investigation.

    Christian Flint jumped at a chance to make $2,000 by leaving his rented home in Winter Springs more quickly than he had to after it went into foreclosure.

    However, not only did Flint not get $2,000, he didn’t get any money at all.

    “It makes me furious,” Flint said.

    Flint, who suffers from cerebral palsy, said he was deceived by the Florida Default Law Group and a local Realtor the group employed in his case.

    Because he's disabled, Flint said he needed money to pay for help in his move.  He said he met every requirement on the very basic "cash for keys" checklist and was ready to leave.  But when an inspector walked around the property, following a new, more detailed checklist, he told Flint the cash offer was suddenly gone, even though Flint already moved out.

    “I thought he was crazy,” said Flint.

    As it turns out, many other renters have had the same problems.

     Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi opened an investigation into the Florida Default Law Group after receiving 241 complaints.

    Flint also plans to file a complaint against the real estate agent who worked on his case for the group.

    “I look at them as just fraudulent bullies,” said Flint. “There are people out there that are just looking to prey on the ignorance of so many people.”

    At the end of April, a secretary at the Florida Default Law Group's telephone number said the firm's name had just been changed to Ronald R. Wolfe and Associates.

    But the new name may carry similar baggage: Wolfe has two open foreclosure-related complaints against him personally with the Florida bar.

    Wolfe told WFTV he has been working with the Attorney General's Office to address concerns about the Florida Default Law Group, but he did not say specifically how. 

    Wolfe said the AG’s active investigation has already wrapped up and will end in vindication. He had no comment about the two complaints against him personally.

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