Accused Lana Del Ray stalker: How he was caught

Video: "All I heard is 'love, love love' and 'queen, queen, queen.'" Accused Lana Del Rey stalker defiant

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Eyewitness News has uncovered more details about the man who is accused of stalking  nationally acclaimed music artist Lana Del Rey.

Michael Hunt, 43, was arrested Friday near the Amway Center, the Orlando Police Department said.

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Hunt faces charges of aggravated stalking with a credible threat and attempted kidnapping with a weapon involving Rey, whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.

Someone called in an anonymous tip to Crimeline, police said.






Hunt took an Uber from Brandon, Florida, to Orlando, officers said. When he was arrested, they found him in possession of a knife and tickets to the concert.

“I had drawn some pictures. I'm an artist. (I wanted) to bring (them) to Lana,” Hunt said to a judge during his court appearance Sunday.

Hunt said, during a Facebook Live broadcast that “When me and Lana get together, it’s going to be all about the kids.”

Hunt also said in a post, “I miss you. I miss you so much Lana. I won't need them. Everybody in the coliseum will know who I am when I get there.”

Channel 9's Janine Reyes reviewed similarities to Hunt's arrest and the shooting death of Christina Grimmie at the hands of a crazed fan.

Grimmie was shot and killed June 12, 2016, at The Plaza Live by Kevin Loibl, police said.

Loibl took a cab from St. Petersburg to see Grimmie, investigators said.

Loibl told his only friend about his plan to date the YouTube sensation, who became a star on "The Voice" TV series, investigators said. Loibl also lost weight and had lasik eye surgery, teeth whitening and hair implants to impress Grimmie, investigators said.

The difference in the case involving Hunt is that someone spoke up and called in an anonymous tip to Crimeline.