• Altamonte Springs hotel guests may have been infected with Legionnaire's disease


    ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - Guests at an Altamonte Springs hotel are just now receiving an urgent health notification saying that Legionnaire's disease has been linked to the hotel.
    A local mother called Channel 9 concerned about her daughter’s health, who stayed at the Spring Hill Suites in April.
    However, guests who stayed there as far back as eight months ago may have been exposed to the disease, according to officials.
    The health department is still looking for the source and said it could have been a hot tub, the air conditioning system or any kind of man made water system that could carry the disease causing bacteria.
    The letter previous guests received on Wednesday was titled as urgent with the subject saying “a stay at this Altamonte Springs hotel that could have exposed guests like 9 year old Jasmine to a dangerous disease.”

    While the letter was recent, addressed cases date back to April 15, and symptoms from the disease usually surface 2-14 days after contact.
    “Why weren’t we notified in April or the beginning of May? It’s very concerning,” mother Angela Griffin said.
    Griffin’s daughter stayed at the hotel with her father in April, but didn’t find out that she may have been exposed until six weeks later, officials said.
    Seminole County Health Director Dr. Swannie Jett sent the notices with some being eight months after the potential exposure.
    “Some of the people were from out of state and so as they started to get tested they reported it, so there was a time delay,” Jett said.
    Legionnaire’s disease doesn’t spread from person to person, but contracted through man-made water systems, which means something at the hotel spread the disease and made at least three people sick.
    The hotel reportedly cleaned its facilities when the first case was connected to the property a few weeks ago.
    “We really want to investigate how many people might have been infected by Legionnaire's disease and make sure that they get proper treatment if they haven't,” Jett said.
    Griffin said her daughter seems fine, but will still have a doctor confirm that.  

    Jett said it's entirely possible that guests could have been sick and treated, but not diagnosed. That's one reason for the notification.
    The hotel has 91 suites and eight months’ worth of guests to be notified.

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