AR-15 stolen from OPD officer's unmarked vehicle, police say

ORLANDO, Fla. — Orlando police are working to find whoever broke into several vehicles and stole an AR-15 from an unmarked police vehicle.

Police said that in all but one case, burglars smashed the windows of seven vehicles at the Lake Nona Water Mark Apartments shortly after midnight Tuesday.

The AR-15 was removed from the police officer’s car, including the gun mount locking device, which was properly secured, police said. The vehicle has had a working alarm system, police said.

Police have released a picture of an AR-15, but it’s not the gun that was taken.

"The last thing the department wants is for their guns to be on the street and used in a crime with the city stamped into the side of the weapon," said WFTV law enforcement expert Chuck Drago.

This is the second time in recent weeks a police officer's weapon and gear were stolen during a burglary.

Officers must remove weapons from unmarked vehicles at the end of their shift, OPD said. They said for now their focus is "concentrating on unmarked cars," when Eyewitness News asked why all firearms shouldn't be removed from all vehicles.

"They will go out to every informant they can find. Their informants will be working hard and they will try everything they can investigative wise to track down those thieves and get those guns back," Drago said.

Orlando police told Eyewitness News that they weren't available for an on camera interview Wednesday to discuss their safety measures.