• Aspen Dental Responses


    Statement from Dr. Paul Pimentel

    Aspen Dental Practice Owner, Lady Lake, FL

    On a professional level, it’s incredibly disappointing to learn that a patient is unhappy with their experience at my practice. I am proud of the care that my team and I deliver every day, and feel fortunate to be able to provide much-needed dental care to thousands of patients who live and work in the Lady Lake community.

    While HIPPA prevents me from going into specifics about this patient’s care, I have reviewed the patient’s records and stand by the diagnosis and treatment plan that I outlined.

    My goal is to help my patients achieve good oral health by giving them the care that they need.


    Statement from Dr. Jere Gillan

    Aspen Dental Practice Owner, Merritt Island, FL

    I’m very sorry to hear that this particular patient wasn’t happy with the care and service she received at my practice. I cannot comment due to patient privacy regulations, but I reviewed the patient’s chart and believe that the diagnosis and course of treatment that I recommended was the right one.

    When I diagnose a patient, I am following my oath as a dentist and treating their immediate need while also recommending treatment that helps the patient avoid any significant recurring issues down the road. I strive to do what is right for the patient above all else, and business success does not dictate my clinical decisions.

    Prior to my practicing dentistry at Aspen Dental and owning my own practice, I spent over a decade in the U.S. military, which cemented the core values that are an integral part of my everyday life. Dentistry is my calling, and I am committed to taking care of the people in this community.

    I’d invite this patient, just as I would any patient who is unsure about the treatment plan that I recommended, to come back to my practice to discuss her concerns with me directly.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Jere Gillan

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