• Lawyer: Radio host facing domestic abuse accusations had divorce papers served on air


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9 learned a popular radio host is facing domestic violence accusations in a messy divorce which he discussed on air.

    Now Russ Rollins’ wife’s attorney is demanding transcripts of the “Monsters in the Morning” shows.

    The radio station posted video of Rollins supposedly being surprised by divorce papers that outline domestic abuse claims.

    “Wow so she had me served on the air. That’s very nice,” Rollins said in the video.

    The radio show host acts surprised to see the divorce papers live in his studio, but an affidavit from the process server seems to debunk that story.

    The man said Rollins knew what he was doing and invited him to the studio.

    The affidavit from the process server says Rollins picked the time and place to be served with his divorce papers and only acted surprised.

    Channel 9 asked Rollins’ attorney if he was making the allegations a bit for his show.

    “I don’t think at that point he realized what allegations were in there. He just got served with a pile of papers and was in some shock,” said Robert Evans.

    The papers claim Rollins battered his estranged wife by choking and striking her.

    It lists seven specific dates it allegedly happened.

    The Sheriff’s Office sent Channel 9 a 911 call from one of the alleged incidents.

    “I need a restraining order,” said Samantha Rollins to a 911 dispatcher.

    In the call, she said she wanted it kept quiet.

    “I can’t have it go public. He’s a public figure. I don’t want it going public,” she said.

    Evans said the abuse allegations are false.

    “I know that the police were called and (they) investigated and did nothing,” he said.

    Rollins was never charged with anything his wife alleges in the divorce.

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