• Baez threatens to sue over Casey video diary release


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.,None - Casey Anthony's attorney has threatened to take legal action against the person who allegedly leaked her newly-discovered video diary online, and that video could soon land her back in court.

    During an interview on national television Sunday night, attorney Jose Baez said Casey never intended the videos to be made public.

    “These were private webcam journal-type entries that were solely intended for her," said Baez. "It certainly wasn’t meant to be disseminated in any way."

    Baez said Casey's video blog was somehow hacked as he spoke for the first time on Fox News with Geraldo Rivera about the YouTube revelation. Baez  said his team is working to investigate the matter and they currently do not know who got ahold of the video.



    “I think a person who is in a situation like Casey just wants to have some way of expressing themselves and that’s what I think you’re seeing," said Beaz.

    Casey's legal team said her "new look" could put her in danger if it becomes public. Last week, Casey showed up in a YouTube video with new glasses and blonde hair.

    That video may cause more legal problems for Casey.

    Attorney Matt Morgan is confident the leaked footage is a plus for his client Zenaida Gonzalez, who is suing Casey in civil court.

    "We believe our case has been strengthened as a result of this," said Gonzalez's attorney Matt Morgan. "We're going to file a motion to renew our motion to compel."

    Gonzalez's attorneys were surprised to see the video pop up on the Internet. 

    "My gut reaction is that I was shocked. Shocked in the sense that I couldn't believe she would post something like that and cut off any type of financial gain she could get," said Morgan.

    Last month, a judge decided Casey didn't have to give another deposition in a case brought against her over her made up 'Zanny the Nanny' story.

    During a previous deposition, Casey appeared in disguise by video conference, and pleaded the fifth to nearly every question.

    "The reason she cited was her safety. Her safety was called into question, because if the public found out where she was, they could get ahold of her and hurt her," said Morgan.

    He said he does not believe the video was simply stolen and posted online.

    "Names were edited out. It's an odd video," said Morgan.

    Morgan said now that the video blog has been released, the judge should make Casey speak, especially since she revealed specifics about her new life.

    "We'll show the judge, look she's out here presenting a video blog to the public, why can't she talk in the courtroom?" said Morgan.

    Gonzalez's attorneys said they will likely be filing new motions to try to force Casey to talk about more than just her current life of seclusion.

    Casey has been in hiding and under threat since she was found not guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee.

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