Brevard County administers vaccine to those over 65 and non-hospital health care workers

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — The Florida Department of Health Brevard County began its first round of vaccinations on Monday to individuals over 65 and health care workers not associated with a hospital system.

Currently, all of the FDOH’s vaccine doses available in Brevard are accounted for through January. According to Brevard County officials, the county will begin making February appointments once it receives additional doses of the vaccine, which could happen as soon as next week.

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On Monday, the COVID-19 vaccine was administered by the Florida Department of Health by appointment only. The vaccine was administered at the Viera office and will continue tomorrow with both morning and afternoon appointments.

The FDOH-Brevard received 3500 doses from the state and had scheduled appointments for all of those doses in about 2 days time. They are still returning phone calls from individuals who attempted to make appointments last week.

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Brevard County resident, 70-year-old Linda Brabo, said, “I feel very blessed to be among the few people so far that have been able to get it.”

“It gives me peace of mind. I have some health issues and of course age, so the more I can protect myself from other things, the better I feel subconsciously,” said Brevard County resident, Deborah Arluck.

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Don Walker, the director for Brevard County communications said, “We know people want the vaccine. the demand is out there and it’s not something the county dictates, who and how many. That’s something that comes from the state through the Florida Department of Health. Hopefully we’ll get higher volumes in the weeks to come.”

Depending on when the health department gets its next batch of vaccines some additional appointments may be made this month.