SpaceX successfully launches Starlink satellites from Cape Canaveral

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. — 9:30 p.m. update: After being scrubbed a few times, SpaceX successfully launched another batch of Starlink satellites from the Space Coast Tuesday evening.

The launch, which carried 60 satellites, took place on its targeted launch at 9:13 p.m.

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SpaceX tweeted Monday afternoon that it’s now targeting 9:13 p.m. Tuesday for the Falcon 9 launch of Starlink satellites.


The company said it expects weather conditions in the recovery area should improve by then.

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The company scrubbed two previous attempts for its next Falcon 9 rocket launch.

One launch was scheduled for Sunday night and another was Monday night.

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SpaceX announced its rocket and payload were healthy after standing down from Sunday night’s planned launch.

SpaceX previously launched its 15th Starlink payload on Oct. 24.

The rocket will carry at least 60 satellites to space.

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It is part of the goal to create a constellation network that will provide internet services to rural areas perhaps struggling with internet issues or don’t have reliable and affordable connections.

The company has a goal to have at least 14,000 satellites orbiting Earth, improving communications across the world.

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SpaceX is also in the middle of its Crew-1 mission that sent four astronauts to the International Space Station.

Channel 9 will air the launch live Tuesday. Click here to watch it live once it begins.