• Brevard's budget cuts may affect county employees the most


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Millions of dollars may be cut from Brevard County's budget and county employees could be the ones who are hit the hardest.

    The budget had its first vote at a meeting Tuesday night. If it's eventually approved, county employees won't be getting a pay raise and will actually pay more for health care.

    According to Jerry Visco, with Brevard County's Human Resources office, employees are facing a possible 30 percent increase in health insurance premiums.

    "I'm fairly unhappy about hearing that," said resident Dario Roas. "That's a big increase needless to say."

    County officials also said employee pay raises will not be offered in order to make up for the budget cuts.

    "Less money in their paycheck, so it is really like a decrease," Roas said.

    Tuesday's budget vote was its first reading and the final approval is still a few months away. But the meeting gave residents and employees a better idea of what to expect for the upcoming fiscal year.

    The proposed budget includes cutting nearly 50 jobs and eliminating funds that go to the county's city and towns for first responder services.

    "(It) shouldn't be the first cut because we need that kind of support from the county," said another resident, Roosevelt Jackson.

    Commissioners plan to hold several public hearings before a final vote on the county budget.

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    Brevard's budget cuts may affect county employees the most

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