Central Florida’s theme parks reopening too soon, infectious disease expert says

VIDEO: Central Florida?s theme parks reopening too soon, infectious disease expert says

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A local infectious disease expert says its likely too soon for crowds to be rushing back to Central Florida’s theme parks.

“I would personally not go right now to a theme park,” Dr. Dena Grayson said. “We are in the middle of a deadly pandemic.”


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Grayson said she loves the parks, but thinks they’re reopening too soon. And even with limited capacity, she said, there are still crowds.

“You’re decreasing risk, but there’s never no risk, and I think that’s the real challenge,” she said.

Grayson said she’s glad the parks have rules, hand sanitizer readily available and hygiene reminders.

At parks such as Universal Studios and SeaWorld, which have both reopened to the public, guests must follow social distancing markers, pass a temperature check and wear a face covering.

Though the face coverings may get hot, they significantly prevent spreading the virus, Grayson said.

She said requiring them is a “fantastic move by the theme parks and absolutely necessary.”

For visitors who don’t wear their masks, Grayson said “parks should enforce their policy and respectfully remove those people from the park.”

VIDEO: SeaWorld reopens amid pandemic with new safety guidelines in place

Grayson said she would like park visitors to quarantine afterward, but knows that’s not likely. But she hopes people get tested.

"Maybe not the very next day after going to the theme parks, wait a couple of days and then go and get tested,” she said.

Grayson said if people do go, to follow the rules: Abide by social distancing markers, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer, and wear your face mask properly.