• Company offers insurance for gun owners with conceal carry permits


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A company is offering insurance to defend a person if they're charged after shooting someone in self-defense.

    The company, CCW Safe, was created before the George Zimmerman trial but officials said business has skyrocketed since then.

    The company said if someone under his or her insurance ends up in court after shooting someone claiming self-defense, the company will be there to help fight the case.

    The company offers insurance for gun owners with conceal carry permits starting at $99 a year, covering members who shoot someone in self-defense and are arrested.

    CCW Safe claims it will help clients fight their cases.

    "We actually provide attorneys, we provide investigators and expert witnesses, so they have those ready for them, to prepare them for the criminal case," Stan Campbell with CCW Safe said.

    They also provide a response team, with former homicide investigators, a CSI and forensics unit who show up to the scene of the shooting to investigate.

    Officials said they have thousands of members in Florida and after the Zimmerman trial, business went up more than 50 percent.

    Attorney Brian Bolton said he isn't surprised. The Zimmerman case highlighted how expensive a trial can be.

    "If I'm not mistaken, the George Zimmerman trial approached and maybe surpassed a million dollars," Bolton said.

    "You look at the potential for criminal prosecution, and insurance like that makes a whole lot of sense."

    Campbell with CCW Safe said the Zimmerman case also showed how Zimmerman could have benefited from the insurance.

    "It would have been totally different, we would have defended him," Campbell said.

    "He would have not had to beg for money on the Internet."

    However, there are some gun owners who don't think it's a good idea.

    "It would not appeal to me," said gun owner Susan Fowler.

    The company said if a client shoots someone and it's not in self-defense, it will still help, but for a fee.

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    Company offers insurance for gun owners with conceal carry permits