• Construction of Daytona Beach's new roller coaster underway


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Daytona Beach is getting its first roller coaster and it is being built on the boardwalk near the pier. The pieces that will make up the ride began arriving Friday.

    It will take several semitrailer loads of parts to create the new roller coaster, with 1,400 feet of track.

    "I think it's about 10-12 truckloads to do the whole project," said Ed Kennedy, owner of Daytona Lagoon.

    The roller coaster will sit feet from the popular Ferris wheel, which sits next to Daytona's popular boardwalk. Kennedy said the ride will be a big draw.

    "I think it will do well and everyone else thinks so too. So hopefully, we'll do pretty good with it," said Kennedy.

    Some tourists who spoke with Channel 9's Blaine Tolison said they come to Daytona for the beach, but are also excited about the rides.

    "We wanted to see the rides and the boardwalk. We thought it'd be cute, so we came and we rode. It would be cool to have a roller coaster," said visitor Faye Strawn.

    The 85-foot-high roller coaster comes a year after a $5 million renovation of the Daytona Beach pier.

    Kennedy said his coaster is just one of many new projects coming to the city.

    "I know there are a couple of real large hotels that they're getting ready to start building here. I think you're going to see a lot more after that," said Kennedy.

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