• Cops: Uber driver fondles passenger, tells police she was 'asking for it'


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando police said an Uber driver touched a passenger inappropriately after he picked her up from Miller’s Ale House in Winter Park.

    Police said Ramy Botros, 28, drove aimlessly around town and made comments about how attractive and pretty the victim looked. 

    Police said Botros stopped the vehicle at some point and placed his hand inside the victim's blouse.  She demanded he stop touching her and that he continue to her destination, police said.

    The victim told officers she did not want to upset Botros, so she pretended as though everything was fine.  When they arrived at the destination, the victim requested a business card from Botros and immediately called police.

    Police said the woman recorded the alleged crime and it is being held as evidence.

    Police interviewed Botros, who described to detectives how the victim was dressed. 

    According to police reports, Botros went in for an interview at the police department, where he said, "In Egypt, if a girl like her dresses like this, it means she’s asking for it."

    Botros was placed under arrest and charged with battery.

    "Basically, he was told by the detectives he is not in his country and it is not acceptable in America," said Sgt. Lovetta Quinn-Henry of the Orlando Police Department. "Unfortunately, the Uber driver took advantage of it because he felt it necessary to put his hand down her shirt."

    Uber said safety is a priority, so it has suspended the driver’s account while officials continue to investigate.

    The company released a statement that said, in part, "Rider safety is Uber’s No. 1 priority. We take reports like this seriously and are treating the matter with utmost urgency and care."

    Orlando leaders have promised the cab companies it would go after ride-for-hire companies without permits.

    The incident comes at a time when the city is towing Uber vehicles and issuing tickets because the company allegedly violates the vehicle-for-hire laws.

    Uber driver Nery Lam said the situation is troubling for the company. Lam said he bought cameras for his car.

    "This ride is going to be recorded for your protection and my protection," Lam said.

    He said very little driving is required to become a driver.

    "No, they don't give us any training. The training they give us - being polite, you know, how to open the door when people come in," Lam said.

    A spokesperson for Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said Uber concerns the city because it’s not licensed, and that could potentially put public safety in jeopardy.

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