• Dad of missing mom's ex-fiance accused of having grow house


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.,None - A marijuana grow house was discovered at the home of the father of a missing mother's ex-fiance, according to a report.

    Dale Smith Sr. had a marijuana grow house in his back yard and was arrested over the weekend, according to authorities.

    Smith Sr. is the father of missing mother Michelle Parker's ex-fiance, Dale Smith Jr.

    Detectives said they have known about the grow house for a long time. The Orange County Sheriff's Office said it investigated Smith Sr. more than a year and a half ago.

    The arrest report said the Orange County Sheriff's Office Aviation Unit discovered the marijuana grow in Smith Sr.'s back yard of his home on Rose Boulevard.

    The report also said that Smith Sr. told authorities that the plants did not belong to him, but belonged to an ex-employee.

    Investigators said they removed the plants, along with drug paraphernalia.

    Officials said 64-year-old Dale Smith Sr. was charged with posession of marijuana, posession of drug paraphernalia, and selling or manufacturing a controlled substance.

    Parker has been missing for nearly two months.

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