• Daytona Beach development plan could bring new hotels, boardwalk expansion

    By: Michael Springer , James Tutten


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Some major improvements could soon be coming to Daytona Beach's iconic boardwalk.

    A developer is now sharing a multimillion-dollar plan to draw more people in and clean up the area.

    The developer wants to extend the boardwalk 270 feet and make renovations, while building two new hotels.



    The plan is to build the new hotels and extend the boardwalk down to the Harvey Avenue approach.

    The developer would pay for that expansion in exchange for a $3 million tax credit from the city.

    When tourists come into the Salty Dog Surf Shop to buy their sunglasses or shirts, they tell employees that Daytona Beach and its boardwalk could use some help.

    “A lot of people enjoy it but a lot of people comment on that it's kind of going downhill they wish it would be cleaned up a little bit,” said Lynn Miller with the Salty Dog Surf Shop.

    It's easy to understand why. It's an area that looks like it's been neglected for years.

    If you take a quick walk down the boardwalk you'll see graffiti, no trespassing signs and trash.

    Then there's the homeless who will panhandle and harass tourists or the employees.

    “It's kind of hard to do business when you have them in the parking lots,” Miller said.

    That could all soon change.

    The city is working on a deal with Avista Properities to build two Marriotts and extend the boardwalk an extra 270 feet.

    Avista will make improvements to the boardwalk, including lighting, guardrails and a drainage system.

    The city will credit Avista $3.1 million for the improvements.

    Locals feels the improvements could have a more widespread effect.

    “With the hotels there it will bring more people into our stores,” Miller said. “More money into the stores, more money to fix up the town.” 

    It's a fix that businesses believe will put the city on the path toward improvement.

    The city expects the deal will generate more than $6 million in property taxes over the next 20 years.

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