• Dentist accused of using laughing gas on self while working on patients


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - The state suspended a Volusia County dentist's license after accusations that she used laughing gas on herself while she worked on patients.

    Even though Sharon Day-Osteen's license was suspended, a sign was on her door on Monday reading, "Office is open."

    WFTV learned that laughing gas can cause delayed hand-eye coordination. State officials said she was using the gas in front of her patients. 

    "Oh, that is very wrong. That is a big no-no," said Volusia County resident American Fragoso.

    Someone complained, so the Department of Health ordered Day-Osteen to be treated for alcohol and inhalant dependence.

    WFTV found out that while Day-Osteen was in a rehabilitation program, she failed three drug tests for alcohol, opiates and hydrocodone.  Then the state said she was caught using laughing gas again.

    State officials said they tried to get her on a new treatment plan, but she refused, writing, "I will have champagne on holidays, anniversary, Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving, approximately seven times per year." 

    "Wow that's amazing. She shouldn't be a dentist at all," said Fragoso.

    Day-Osteen would not comment to WFTV. 

    Friends of Day-Osteen told WFTV that others are working at the dentist's office while she is in rehabilitation.


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