• Deputies: Drunken woman made dozens of false 911 calls


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County woman was arrested after deputies said she may have put people in danger while making false 911 calls.

    Marietta Wilhelm is accused of calling 911 more than a dozen times in the last month.

    Deputies said Wilhelm made several calls to 911 Saturday about her husband, who was supposedly trying to kill himself.

    "He's left the house and he said he's going to commit suicide," Wilhelm told the 911 dispatcher.

    "Does he have any weapons that you know of?" said the dispatcher.

    "No, he's just going to commit suicide, by, via, you know ... whatever," said Wilhelm.

    Investigators said when deputies pulled up to Wilhelm's Pine Hills home, her husband was fine and Wilhelm was drunk.

    Wilhelm, 53, told the dispatcher she had been drinking.

    "I'm under the influence of alcohol," Wilhelm said in a call.

    Investigator said that during the time Wilhelm was making her calls, there were roughly 400 calls for service in the same area, half of them were emergencies.

    Channel 9's Tim Barber went to Wilhelm's house, but she would only talk to him through the window.

    "What do you say to the people who had actual emergencies that night?" Barber asked Wilhelm.

    "Sir, I don't want to go to jail for this," she said.

    Wilhelm said she acted irrationally because she's a diabetic and had a high sugar level, but that never came up in the 911 calls or in the arrest report.

    Investigators said deputies gave Wilhelm a warning after the first four calls, but before they could drive away, a dispatcher told them she called two more times.

    That is when Wilhelm was arrested, but was released after paying a $500 bail amount.

    Wilhelm told Barber she won't be calling 911 again.

    "Even if something else happens in the neighborhood, I will never call again," she said.

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    Deputies: Drunken woman made dozens of false 911 calls