District completes investigation into unwanted touching in Oviedo HS locker room

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — After weeks of allegations of unwanted touching in the Oviedo High School boys' locker room, the school district has completed its investigation into the matter.

The Seminole County superintendent launched the investigation after Channel 9's report into the alleged incidents.

School officials interviewed over 100 football players as part of the investigation into the "code reds."

One of the students who said he was targeted in the locker room told Channel 9, "He put his forearm against my back and then he took his other hand and used his hand to stick his finger up my butt."

The parents of that player pressed charges against the student who was allegedly responsible.

"There has been a lot of bullying, a lot of hazing, a lot of physical fighting amongst the players," the mother told Channel 9. "The players (are) fighting on the field during practice and fighting in the locker room and that is unacceptable behavior."

Once school officials are finished writing their report, it will be turned over to the district's human resource officer who will then make recommendations and corrective actions at the school to the superintendent.

The public will not be able to view the report for at least 10 days after its completion.

It is still unknown if the State Attorney's Office will press charges against one of the students who was disciplined this year.

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Jeff Levkulich

Jeff Levkulich, WFTV.com

Jeff Levkulich joined the Eyewitness News team as a reporter in June 2015.