Don’t be gator bait: Safety tips for alligator mating season in Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. — As alligator mating season begins in Florida, it’s important to be “gator aware” to avoid possible injury or death.

The alligator experts at Gatorland have shared some advice to help people avoid the dangerous reptiles while enjoying the outdoors.

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- Any body of water in the state of Florida can be home to alligators. Because they are looking for mates and nesting sites, gators in the state can move into pools, ditches and other unsuspecting bodies of water.

- Alligators can be very territorial and do not like when people or other animals get near them.

- Use extra caution in the morning and evening hours in shallow water, as alligators may think the splashing is an animal at the waters’ edge or is in distress.

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- DO NOT FEED the gators.

- It’s best to leave them well enough alone and stay far away from them.

- Don’t break the law! In Florida, it’s illegal to feed or harass an alligator.

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You can also report any alligator concerns by contacting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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