• Dozens of red light camera tickets thrown out in Kissimmee


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Dozens of drivers gathered at Kissimmee City Hall on Friday in an effort to fight their red light camera tickets, and some of those people have already walked away winning their case.

    Friday was the first set of hearings for the city, and 58 cases were scheduled to be reviewed throughout out the day.

    WFTV traffic reporter Racquel Asa was there, and said nearly 20 people walked out of City Hall chambers without having to pay the $158 fine for getting a red light camera ticket.

    City attorneys told Asa that missing paperwork from the red light camera company and the state allowed the cases to get dismissed.

    Marvia Robinson was one of the lucky ones.

    "That money can be used for something else, like bills, food," she said. "Something more. Better than paying a ticket."

    The state changed the law that requires cities to have local appeal processes.

    "I'm glad I showed up today, and I'm glad I did not pay it ahead of time," said driver Marvia Robinson.

    Some people showed up and asked for more than 30 days to pay, Asa learned. They were stuck not only with the $158 ticket, but also an extra $75 in administrative costs.

    "I think they should disclose that information right off the bat," said driver Bryan Perry.

    But the fines were much higher for those who asked for a hearing and didn't show up. A $250 court cost was imposed.

    Those drivers won't be able to get their registration renewed until they pay the $408.

    "I think they need to do some serious thinking about lowering that cost," said Perry.

    Kissimmee doesn't know yet how often it will hold the hearings. As of now, officials plan to hold them at least once a month in City Hall chambers.

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    Dozens of red light camera tickets thrown out in Kissimmee