Dr. G talks about examining Caylee's body in Casey Anthony trial

NEW YORK,None — The Orange County medical examiner who conducted the autopsy on Caylee Anthony spoke publicly for the first time since Casey Anthony's trial.

Dr. Jan Garavaliga, also known as Dr. G, was defending her testimony on national TV in New York on Thursday.

Dr. G didn't sway from her opinions or her professional findings when it came to the evidence she was presented with when she determined that Caylee was the victim of a homicide.

When Caylee's death was ruled a homicide, it set off one of the most sensational trials of the decade. It was a trial in which the doctor would be called upon to testify about Caylee's withered bones, which were found in the woods.



Dr. G was asked if she felt Casey was guilty.

"My job is not to determine who did it. My job is to determine what happened. So I feel very strongly that this was a homicide, death by the hands of another," Dr. G said.

Dr. G still questions Casey's actions during the time of the crime.

"We never did get anything from her of what happened, yet we found her with duct tape discarded in the woods. That tells a lot," said Dr. G.

However, the defense claimed Caylee died by drowning.

Some question why Dr. G. didn't perform a micro-organism test that can determine a drowning death.

"These were dry bones. There's no way.  That's not a very specific or sensitive test and we couldn't test the dry bones," she said.

The question on many people's minds remains, what really happened to Caylee Marie Anthony?

"We'll never know what happened until the perpetrator states what happened," Dr. G said.

When asked why Dr. G is talking about the trial months later, she said she's simply trying to get away from the hype of the trial.