• Dressed as his ‘brother,' Lake County's ‘Alligator Man' turns himself in to deputies

    By: Myrt Price


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - Jordan Bedford gained internet fame as the “Alligator Man” after posting a video of himself dancing with an alligator on a leash to Facebook.

    His fame turned to infamy, though, when law enforcement officers found the video and later charged him with illegal capture of an alligator without a license and possessing an alligator without a license.

    In early December, Bedford told Channel 9 that the video was a joke, like all the videos he posts on his Facebook page.

    “I don’t have an alligator,” he said at the time. “I found it and played with it.”

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    When Bedford turned himself in Friday, he was wearing a black wig and white pinstriped suit, saying he was in the persona of his alter ego, who often shows up in his social media “prank” videos.

    “I’m Dan the Man, brother of the Alligator Man, that’s who I am,” Bedford said while wearing the getup. “No charges against me shall prosper, that’s how we roll.”

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    Officials were not laughing, though, and Bedford’s mood seemed to change when the suit and wig came off as deputies started to process him into the jail.

    Before he was taken away by jail employees, Bedford stood by the video and said he did not regret making it.

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    “It’s all comedy,” he said. “It’s comedy, it’s fun. You got to learn to laugh. All this crazy stuff going on in the world, somebody has to laugh.”

    Bedford was released later Friday on a $1,500 bond.

    Watch interview with "alligator man" below:

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