Endoscopies without anesthesia now offered to pediatric patients at Arnold Palmer

ORLANDO, Fla. — Arnold Palmer is one of the only hospitals in the region using a new device called EvoEndo.


It’s a single-use device used to give an endoscopy to children over five years old.

“To get the pieces, actually see what’s going on, and offer them the abilities to monitor their disease and change therapy without having to undergo anesthesia over and over and over again,” Joel Friedlander, the CMO & Co-Founder of EvoEndo said.

Dr. Yamen Smadi is one of the very few pediatric gastroenterologists in the country performing the procedure.

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“It’s way more comfortable, it’s longer, which allows us to do full endoscopy if we need to, it allows us to take biopsies not just look, it’s single-use,” Dr. Smadi said.

The scope goes through the nose and examines the esophagus, stomach, or bowels.

During the procedure, the patient is fully awake but is kept distracted by wearing virtual reality goggles.

This means faster and easier recovery for patients like Kelsey Spruill.

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Kelsey was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis in 2020.

After eight regular endoscopies, Kelsey’s dad told us this new equipment allows her to eat lunch, shop, or even go to class right after her appointment.

“This was an option where she didn’t have to anesthesia,” Vic Spruill said. “We were hopeful and appreciated the opportunity and technology and Dr. Smadi.”

Kelsey said if you are considering this new way of treatment, just do it.

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“I would definitely do it this way,” Spruill said. “It’s not as scary as it seems.”

Dr. Smadi will now train doctors nationwide to help patients like Kelsey find a quicker diagnosis.

Arnold Palmer is one of only 25 hospitals across the country performing this procedure. EvoEndo hopes to be in 50 by the end of the year.

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