• Fairvilla opens up new adult shop on I-Drive


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A shop that sells adult items just opened in the heart of Orlando's tourist district.

    Fairvilla's Sexy Things opened on I-Drive two weeks ago and t's right next to an ice cream shop. The store sells adult toys, costumes and novelties.

    A Fairvilla spokesperson described the new venture from the company known for adult movies and more. The store is not designed to have any DVDs or graphic materials at all. The store carries some products seen on shows like "The Dr. Oz Show" or "The Doctors."

    Managers call it the softer side of Fairvilla.

    Some business owners WFTV talked to had reservations about their new neighbor.

    For years, Orange County has tried to keep International Drive from being like the Las Vegas strip. Fairvilla said they don't want that either but many tourist are adults

    "There are lots of different kinds of tourists on I-Drive. There are people there on their honeymoon, there are bachelorette parties, people at conventions," said the Fairvilla spokesperson.

    In fact, WFTV polled dozens of tourists on I-Drive on Tuesday. Most were just fine with the new store and only a handful said they were offended.

    "Everybody likes a woman to look good and you need your toys for the bedroom," said tourist John Hannon.

    "You could cover the windows. That's really tacky," said tourist Laura Dodds.

    "I think if you have a holiday resort and it's family, you're expecting that kind of thing wouldn't be seen. I think in other areas it would be more appropriate in the city," said tourist Lillian White.

    Fairvilla has had two other stores in the I-Drive and Sand Lake area but this is the first time they've had a storefront right on the busy tourist route.


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