FBI: Florida man threatens coordinated terror attacks in anonymous letter to sheriff

Regis L. Walker

PENSACOLA, Fla. — A 30-year-old Pensacola man has been charged with threatening coordinated attacks on military bases, schools and beaches in a letter sent to Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan.

Morgan received the letter in June from an unknown individual calling himself “Allah Ali” with a home address of “1 Isis Blvd., Pensacola, Florida,” court documents show.

The writer referenced the Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando and taunted law enforcement.

“The writer stated that five to 10 attacks could not be stopped (stating law enforcement ‘cannot be everywhere at once’), and that the attackers planned on ‘not giving up’ and ‘dying,’” a criminal complaint said. “The writer appeared to sign the note as ‘ISIS ALLAH.’”

FBI investigators were able to lift three fingerprints off the letter and envelope and identified Regis Lynail Walker as the main suspect, the complaint said.

Agents raided his residence and a handwriting expert confirmed that handwriting found on documents in the home matched that of the mailed threat, officials said.

Walker, a registered sex-offender, was already in jail on unrelated harassment charges.

He now faces a federal charge of mailing threatening communications.