• FHP: Woman's daughter typically drives car thought to be involved in hit-and-run crash

    By: Jason Kelly , Megan Cruz


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A 13-year-old boy who was badly injured in a hit-and-run crash is out of the hospital, but investigators are still trying to figure out who was driving the car that hit him.

    Troopers don't think the person who owns the car was driving it that night.

    Investigators said after interviewing the owner, it appears her daughter typically drives the car.

    Karen Walrath, the vehicle's registered owner, said she owns the white Toyota that troopers believe struck Cody Loechner last month as he crossed Alafaya Trail at Science Drive.

    Instead of staying, the driver took off.

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    Loechner's mother, Tami Loechner, said he now suffers from a traumatic brain injury.

    "The driver drove off and just left him like he was nothing," she said.

    Walrath told investigators her daughter, Karen Ashley Clouser, typically drives the car.

    "Do you believe she might've been the one behind the wheel?" Channel 9's Megan Cruz asked Walrath on Thursday.

    "I don't. I have no idea. I have no idea," Walrath said.

    "Was she driving the car that night, do you remember?" Cruz said.

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    "No. She was here sleeping," Walrath said.

    Troopers said they credit a tip for helping them find the Toyota parked in front of Walrath's home four days after the crash.

    A newly released report said damage on the front bumper matches that of bicycle wheels and the hood had a heavy depression, as if a body landed on it.

    Tami Loechner

    Investigators said they also found that the windshield was recently repaired.

    "Why were repairs made to the car?" Cruz said.

    "Because we were told it was hit by a deer," Walrath said.

    The report said her daughter said someone else was driving the car the night Cody Loechner was hit.

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    "Are you eager to find out who might've been behind the wheel then?" Cruz said.

    "Oh, yeah, Yeah. We feel bad for the family and all that that they're going through," Walrath said.

    FHP said it collected blood and other physical evidence from the car to see if it matches the victim's DNA.

    Investigators said they are still waiting on receiving the results before announcing any charges.

    Clouser wasn't home when Cruz visited Walrath's home Thursday.

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