Former Judge Belvin Perry Jr. answers questions in Reddit AMA

ORLANDO, Fla. — Judge Belvin Perry Jr., who oversaw the trial of Casey Anthony, sat down to answer questions Monday as part of an AMA.

Ten years after the disappearance of Caylee Anthony, Channel 9 anchor Greg Warmoth sat down with WFTV legal analyst Belvin Perry Jr., the former chief judge of Florida's Ninth Judicial Circuit.

On the episode of "Central Florida Spotlight," Perry shared insights into the scientific evidence he admitted and excluded from the case, including odor samples.

Q: What was life like for you after the trial ended?
A: My life has been like living in a fish bowl. Ten years later people still ask me about the trial or make comments about the case.

Q: What would you say to Casey if you had a chance to sit down with her?
A: I would say just simply tell us truthfully what happen to your Caylee.

Q: What was going through the case and its length and all its publicity like for you?
A: Behind the scenes there was a great deal of work to be done in prep for the trial and work to keep the trial going. My life during that trial was very different. I could not go anywhere without my fellow citizens either asking me query or just looking at me. Life in the fish bowl.

Q: It is widely believed Casey Anthony is guilty in her daughter's death to some degree. In your opinion, who fell short of getting a conviction? OCSO? Jeff Ashton? Or is the defense simply worthy of praise?


Q: Given the evidence, do you feel like the jury reached the right verdict?