Freddie Figgers still received payment after 911 system deal was cancelled

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A million-dollar proposal to the Central Florida tourism oversite district for a 911 system, that 9 Investigates first told you about, might have been pulled, but the man in the center of the controversy got paid some money anyway - $100, 000 and nobody at the CFTOD can tell Eyewitness News why.


The promise from the former district administrator started it all.  Glen Gilzean said, “The district is investing a million dollars for a new communication network and completely separating from the Walt Disney World system.”

9 Investigates told you last fall that the Central Florida Tourism Oversite District hired a man who served on the ethics commission with him to get the project underway.

According to e-mails, district employees reached out to Freddie Figgers, the CEO of Figgers Communication Consulting firm for his services in early august of 2023.

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Then, less than a week later, a contract was sent over for approval and the deal was done without open bids from other companies. The district said that’s because Figgers was able to commit within the compressed timeframe for the migration of 911 wireless calls.

Two days after our story the CFTOD sent us new information stating that Figgers will get paid $242,500 for the first phase of the 911 contract.

But then, after 9 Investigates’ story, the deal was canceled.

However, 9 Investigates has learned the district still paid Figgers almost $100,000 anyway.

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Documents show:

$48,500 that according to a spokesperson was prepayment per the contract stipulation.

$46,560 for “work performed” under exhibit a of the contract for 9-1-1 public safety answering points.

WFTV has not gotten answers from the CFTOD on what work was performed.

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CFTOD sent a statement stating:

“Due to the wireless networking and sensitive nature of the work, this contract did not fall under the normal procurement policy/process. under the prior administration, the agreement was canceled before recommendations could be made. Due to life safety and security concerns, we have nothing else to add.”

Figgers did not return 9 Investigates’ request for comment.

This all happened in October 2023, and WFTV was told the work would go out to bid, but six months later, no other company has been hired.

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