• Bail bondsmen jailed after kidnap accusation


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Investigators said a trio of bail bondsmen trying to track a man down ended up in jail.

    According to investigators, the group kidnapped the suspect's pregnant girlfriend, hoping she would give him up.

    Joseph and Leann Ottuso and Soom Amphavanna were arrested.

    Investigators said the incident happened at Images Circle Apartments in Kissimmee, Sunday.

    Deputies said the group showed up at the door of Rebecca Wombles apartment.

    "She thought they were there to talk to her about her boyfriend, who had not made a first appearance," said Twis Lizasuain of the Osceola County Sheriff's Office.

    But, deputies said, the group was after Wombles.

    "The victim says she was sitting on her patio when one of the three walked up and asked if they could have a word with her, so she walked over to the parking lot," said Lizasuain. "The victim says once she got near the suspects' vehicle, they flashed a gun, put her in handcuffs and then they forced her inside the car."

    Investigators said the group forced the pregnant victim to ride around for hours while they searched for her boyfriend, Pierre Evans.

    "(They were) telling her she would be arrested, saying if she didn't provide information on where he was and also, that the Department of Children and Family Services would come and take her children away as well," said Lizasuain.

    Investigators said that eventually the suspects released the victim. She reported the crime and the suspects were arrested.

    The Ortusos own Ace Pilot Bail Bonds.

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    Bail bondsmen jailed after kidnap accusation