• Heads up: I-4 Kirkman Road exit shifts again

    By: Monique Valdes


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The ramp on Interstate 4 to get off at Kirkman Road has switched sides again. 

    The exit used to be on the right, but as of Thursday morning, it is on the left and it comes up a little sooner. 

    “We are going to have people who are lost, confused probably driving kind of crazy because they don't know where they are going,” said resident Eric Frommer.

    Special Section: I-4 Ultimate Project

    Frommer has seen it before. He works at a hotel just off the exit. He said his customers and other drivers get confused when it happens.



    I-4 Ultimate Project spokesperson David Parks said they had to make the two shifts because there just isn't enough space in the area for all the work being done and the lanes need to be open during construction. 

    Special Section: I-4 Ultimate Project

    “That allows us time to build three new ramps in a location where one ramp is,” said Parks. 

    Until then, Frommer knows it's something drivers will have to get used to.

    “I can't imagine this is going to be good for anyone," he said. 

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    Eventually, some express lanes for the I-4 Ultimate Project will be added. 

    The shift is expected to last until next summer. 

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