• Hospitalized Tymber Skan shooting victim talks to WFTV


    ORLANDO, Fla. - WFTV spoke with one of two people shot while watching TV at the Tymber Skan apartments Tuesday night.

    Cecelia Thompson, 46, remains hospitalized, but was able to talk to WFTV to give a firsthand account about what happened.

    She said her boyfriend was also recovering at Orlando Regional Medical Center after being shot.

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    Orange County sheriff's deputies haven't said if the couple was targeted, but the search continues for the shooter or shooters.

    According to deputies, the shots sent bullets through the apartment window.

    Thompson said she was shot 11 times.

    "Me and old man, we were sitting there watching American Justice, eating popcorn and just heard a bunch of shots, so, we went to running. I didn't get too far. I just fell by the sofa," she said.

    Thompson said she didn't know why anyone would want to kill her.

    "Why? I help everybody.  Why me?  What I did?  I don't understand," said Thompson.

    The Tymber Skan apartment complex has fallen victim to fires, killings and constant crime.

    Thompson said she doesn't want to live at the Tymber Skan apartments, but she has no place else to go.

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