• Investigation concludes former Magic player violated school policy

    By: Jeff Deal


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Anthony Bowie, an Orlando Magic shooting guard from 1991 to 1996, played on the NBA Finals team in 1995.


    Over the past seven years, he's transitioned from player to coach, working as a gym teacher at Goldsboro Elementary School in Sanford.


    But reports came to light in December that he was placed on leave following allegations he exposed himself to a female teacher.


    Findings of a school district investigation were recently made public.


    The report indicated he was touching himself and told her to take a picture of him so she could "remember it longer" and stated, "you know you want this."


    She told investigators Bowie cupped her breast with his hand and said, “That’s how easy it is for me to touch your girls.”


    But she believed he was put on a pedestal at school because of his Orlando Magic background, and she was initially afraid to come forward.


    Other women also didn't like his behavior, and said they avoided him on campus.


    Investigators found his actions violated school district policies, but they noted a large majority of people interviewed were not offended by the hugs, handshakes, and massages for which he was known.


    According to the report, Bowie "categorically denies" taking any of the alleged actions in the complaint.


    His attorney told the district Bowie made Goldsboro a better place.


    Bowie is still off the job.

    In a letter to the superintendent, his attorney said they take strong issue with the report and they are asking for Bowie to return to his job at the school.


    So far, the superintendent hasn't made any decision on whether Bowie will be disciplined.

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