• Jeff Ashton names Linda Drane Burdick as pick for chief assistant state attorney


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Newly elected state attorney for Orange and Osceola counties Jeff Ashton announced his pick for chief assistant state attorney Tuesday.

    In a news release, Ashton said that he has asked Linda Drane Burdick to take the position. Burdick is well-known to the central Florida community and served as lead prosecutor in the murder trial of Casey Anthony.

    Then-assistant state attorney Ashton was part of her prosecution team.

    Ashton defeated long-time state attorney Lawson Lamar in the August primary. He will take office on Jan. 8, 2013.

    "I went for the best trial lawyer in the state attorney's office, and that is Linda Drane Burdick," Ashton said.

    Burdick brings with her eight years of managerial experience, a background in prosecuting homicide cases and sex crimes and working in the felony bureau.

    On Wednesday, she suggested her role will be more behind-the-scenes, managing Ashton's office.

    "We have very different personalities," said Burdick. "One of my strengths is organization. I think that I can complement his style with mine and run an effective state attorney's office."

    Ashton called Burdick a "demanding" boss who expects "great things" from the people working under her.

    Both said the public can expect a dramatic change when Ashton takes over in January.

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