• Lake Co. deputies use Taser to break up school fight


    LEESBURG, Fla. - Deputies in Lake County used a Taser on a teenager while trying to break up a fight at Leesburg High School.

    Ariel Tanner, 17, told WFTV's Jeff Deal that she was bullied, saying older girls had picked on her for months.

    Tanner said she tried to ignore it but admitted she got into it, too. She said when she showed up on campus Wednesday, a fight broke out.

    "The first time he tased me, I immediately hit the ground," said Tanner.

    Tanner said the older girl teased, mocked and even threatened her.

    She said in recent months, the problems escalated, and on Monday, she was pushed.

    Tanner's aunt says she complained to school officials and filed a report with the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

    Tanner said the taunting continued Tuesday night by phone and on Facebook.

    She said when she arrived at school Wednesday, she got into it with 18-year-old Marriyaunda Anderson.

    "She looked at me and dropped her bag," said Tanner. "I dropped my bag, and we started fighting."

    School officials and a Lake County deputy tried to stop the fight.

    "The deputy ended up on the ground, in the scuffle; more and more chaotic, the crowd started to swell," said Tanner.

    The Sheriff's Office said that deputy pulled out the Taser, removed the sharp prong and used it as a stun gun, giving her two short blasts. It stopped the fight.

    Anderson was arrested, and so was Tanner.

    "I definitely think he could have restrained them with his hands and not the Taser," said Tanner's aunt.

    Tanner's aunt said she believes the Taser was unnecessary because her niece is only 4 feet 11 inches tall, but she really wonders why the situation was allowed to escalate to level it did, when, she said, the school was aware of the bullying.

    The school district wouldn't comment on the alleged bullying, saying it is looking into the situation.

    Investigators said both girls face charges for breach of peace and resisting arrest.

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    Lake Co. deputies use Taser to break up school fight