• Boy tells WFTV he's 'not happy' about 'bully' bear that shredded family's car


    PAISLEY, Fla. - A Lake County family said a bear got into their car, managed to lock itself inside, then tore the interior to shreds.

    The Bybee family home is on Dixie Drive right next to the Ocala National Forest, and they said a pushed-down fence is where the bears keep entering nightly.

    They said a bear had already killed one of their pigs and got in their shed, but nothing as destructive as when it got into their car.

    The outside of Heather Bybee's car is covered in paw prints.  Bybee said the interior is almost unrecognizable.

    "I think I found my driver's door controls," Bybee said.

    Witness Randy Moon said the bear's head was sticking out of the car.

    Bybee's son, Donald (Donny) Moon,  told WFTV the incident upset him.

    "He a bully of cars," Donny said. "I don't like bears, just tear up everything like a wild animal."

    Bybee's car was unlocked, and the family believes the bear's paw got caught in the handle when it was trying to climb on top of the car.

    Once inside, the bear's rocking may have caused the door to shut and the automatic locks trapped it inside.

    Florida Fish and Wildlife said the bear could have been curious or looking for food when it decided to do the destruction.

    Bybee's dad tried to salvage the car by letting the bear out.

    "He unlocked the driver's door, opened the door and ran back," Bybee said.

    Her dad said the bear got out and headed into the woods.

    The car was left in shambles, and now Bybee is fighting with the insurance company to get the car replaced.

    "There's no report to write up about a bear eating your car," Bybee said. "That's all we (are) asking for is just to get the car back, I mean we need the ride."

    She said she especially needs the car because Bybee has children with disabilities that have to make several trips to the doctor.

    Bybee said the insurance adjuster has not returned her call yet.

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    Boy tells WFTV he's 'not happy' about 'bully' bear that shredded family's car