Lake County schools failed to notify parents about employee testing positive for COVID-19, officials say

VIDEO: Lake County schools failed to notify parents about employee testing positive for COVID-19

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — Lake County Schools failed to notify parents about an employee at Rimes Elementary School who tested positive for COVID-19.

Staff members and the school board got the news, but parents were left out of the loop.

A parent reached out to 9 Investigates after they said they weren’t notified about a positive case at the school last week.

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Four people at Rimes Early Learning Center are in quarantine because a staff member tested positive for COVID-19, and notified everyone at the district except parents.

The district admitted to 9 Investigates that it didn’t realize it until we asked about it.

“When there is a positive case, we notify board members and then we notify parents,” said Sherri Owens, district communications officer. “We did all of that in this case, with the exception of notification to parents and that was an oversite on our part.”

Normally, the district sends out a recorded message to all parents at the school, and parents of students who may be affected are called personally by district staff.

Since Eyewitness News alerted the district, staff has updated the district’s dashboard and sent out a message to parents.

“An employee at our school tested positive for the covid 19 coronavirus last week. That employee has been following CDC guidelines for quaranting since Wednesday. And we have cleaned all affected areas in the school.”

A spokesperson said they just hired someone new to manage its response to COVID-19.