Lake Mary company creates app for theme parks to utilize virtual queues through phones

LAKE MARY, Fla. — A Central Florida company has created a high-tech way for theme parks to manage their lines and keep people apart once they reopen.

Accesso, based out of Lake Mary, has come up with a virtual queue system that will allow you to reserve your place in line through your phone, then step out of line.


“You simply go into your smart phone, go into the attraction you want to experience,” said Steve Brown with Accesso. “You click the box. At that point you’re entered into the virtual queue and the smartphone counts down until it’s your time to ride.”

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The app, however, will not let you book all your rides for the day and then just let you roam the park waiting for your phone to vibrate.

But the app can still eliminate some waiting as parks and rides are expected to operate with less capacity.

The technology is being used in two parks right now -- one in the Netherlands that reopened Monday and another in Indiana that will reopen June 14. Both parks reopened yesterday with 100% virtual queues.

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