• Judge releases Casey's secret address to Zenaida Gonzalez's lawyers


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A judge gave Zeniada Gonzalez's attorneys access to Casey Anthony's secret address on Thursday.

    However, Casey's address will be sealed to keep the public from knowing where she's been hiding out since she was acquitted of first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

    Gonzalez said her reputation was ruined when Casey said Caylee had been taken by a babysitter by the same name.

    Gonzalez's lawyers wanted to know Casey's address so she can be subpoenaed for her defamation trial. Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon, however, has sealed the address from the public because her defense claims that Casey is in danger, and releasing her address could put her at even greater risk.

    Casey has received threats after she was found not guilty of killing her Caylee.

    Casey said Caylee drowned, but initially said a nanny named Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez kidnapped Caylee from the Sawgrass apartments.

    Gonzalez said Casey got her name from an application card at Sawgrass.

    "Finally want to see her squirm," said Gonzalez's attorney Keith Mitnik.

    WFTV asked Casey's lawyer whether Casey would be willing to apologize and pay Gonzalez instead of going to trial. He replied that Casey is considering her options based on Thursday's ruling.

    There's been no offer for a settlement.

    "What's the one thing we know about Casey? That the word settlement is not in her vocabulary," said WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer.

    Casey reported to her probation officer that she's broke and unemployed.

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