• Cops: Man shaves boy's head on video, beats him with belt in other room


    ORLANDO, Fla.,None - A man who posted a video of himself shaving a 7-year-old boy's head and then going into another room and spanking him was arrested, Orlando police said on Thursday.

    Devery Broox, 25, was a mentor trusted by the child's family and told police he was punishing the boy for acting up in school.

    Video was posted on YouTube of a child mentor shaving a 7-year-old boy's head and then going into another room and spanking him, and now the man is facing child abuse charges, Orlando police said on Thursday.

    The video started with a berating and a humiliating hair cut given to the boy by Broox.

    "Let's see how many friends you make with a hair cut like this," said Broox.

    After the boy's head was shaved, Broox walked the child into another room and beat the 7-year-old as he cried, police said.

    "What you crying for? This ain't doing nothing to you!" Broox said.

    "Yes it do!" said the boy.

    Raw Video:  Mentor heard spanking boy, shown shaving his head

    Video Report:  Man arrested after posting controversial discipline video

    People who saw the video online called the Department of Children and Families, investigators said.

    When Broox was questioned, police said, Broox claimed it was just an act.        

    WFTV was told that Broox was asked to mentor the child by the boy's grandmother.

    Broox told police he learned some of the techniques he used on the child from an old sheriff's office boot camp.

    "You just want to disrespect me, your teacher and your grandmother? Is that what it is?" Broox is heard asking the boy on video.

    Broox verbally taunted the 7-year-old boy for acting out at school and punished him by cutting his hair and eyebrows, police said.

    Broox then took him into a room, off camera, and whipped him with a belt, investigators said.

    After that beating, they went outside for what Broox called "boot camp," said police.

    Broox made the 7-year-old run laps, walk on his knees and do push-ups until he cried, according to investigators.

    The boy is under DCF care because of problems with his biological parents. He's been living with his grandmother, who asked Broox to be a mentor and father figure.

    DCF officials said they likely wouldn't have known anything about it if he hadn't posted the video on the Internet.

    "We were contacted by a number of individuals who had viewed this video on that YouTube site and were concerned with the content of what they saw," said DCF spokeswoman Carrie Hoeppner.

    Broox told police the video was an act and the boy's bruises came from when the he fell off of his bike.

    Broox's neighbors said he's a military veteran and he is taking classes at UCF.

    Broox also told police he learned the boot camp techniques because he used to assist with a boot camp program that used to be run by the sheriff's office.

    "I think it makes you a little more troubled to know a child could be re-victimized by somebody who is essentially there to help him," said Hoeppner.

    Broox paid $1,000 to bond out of the Orange County jail.   

    The boy's grandmother said she did not know about the alleged abuse.

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