• Oak Hill pipe bomb suspect gets emotional in court after judge denies bond

    By: Jason Kelly , Monique Valdes , Michael Springer , James Tutten


    OAK HILL, Fla. - The Volusia County man deputies say tossed out a pipe bomb when he found out he was being evicted teared up in court Thursday.

    That suspect pleaded with the judge for a bond so he could see his grandfather, who he's very close to, again.

    But those emotional pleas where not enough to move the judge.

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    At first, Troy Phoenix appeared unfazed when he walked into court Thursday afternoon to face charges of possessing explosive materials.

    But the 36-year-old Oak Hill man's demeanor quickly changed and he began to shake his head and tear up when he learned he would not be getting a bond.

    It would eliminate any chance Phoenix would have to see his grandfather again before his grandfather moves to Pennsylvania.

    Deputies picked up Phoenix on Wednesday at a home on Douglas Street in Edgewater.

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    Phoenix had been on the run since Friday when he and his grandfather got into a fight about his grandfather evicting Phoenix from the shed he was living in on his grandfather's Oak Hill property.

    Deputies said the upset Phoenix ran into his grandfather's house and tossed a pipe bomb into the yard.

    No one was hurt and Phoenix took off, deputies said.

    Now Phoenix says his grandfather is selling the property and moving away.

    “This is maybe the last time I'd ever see him,” Phoenix said during his court appearance. “He's leaving for Pennsylvania and he said he's not going to come back.”

    Despite the pleas, the judge said no bond for Phoenix.

    He also cannot have contact with any of the victims in this case.

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