• Surveillance: Manager accused of spiking female bartender's drink


    LONGWOOD, Fla. - A bar manager is facing a list of charges after he allegedly drugged one of his employees, Longwood police said.

    Police said Jeff Roberson, co-owner of the Shovelhead Lounge, allegedly drugged a 27-year-old female bartender earlier this week while the two were drinking shots after closing the bar.

    The female bartender had to go to the hospital after she said she started feeling funny and suspected her manager put something in her drink.

    Police said she texted her boyfriend, "I think my boss drugged me."

    About 2 a.m., the victim was rushed to the hospital.

    "Her toxicology from the hospital determined she had amphetamine in her system," said Trafton Patrick of the Longwood Police Department. "The hospital took it serious enough that they admitted her."

    Officers said Roberson was caught on the bar's surveillance camera taking a substance from his pocket and pouring it into the bartender's drink on Tuesday as the bar was closing for the night.

    During review of the video, authorities said there was enough evidence to arrest Roberson.

    Police said it appeared as if Roberson spiked several of the victims' drinks. He was arrested Wednesday and charged with five counts of poisoning.

    The alleged victim was released from the hospital Thursday.

    "No other employees have come forward to make any allegations," said Patrick.

    Channel 9 checked into the suspect's background and found he's been arrested three times since 1993.

    State records show a decade later, Roberson was convicted of stalking in Volusia County.

    But Roberson's lawyer told Channel 9 his client has a sterling reputation in the community, saying Roberson was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and used to be a bodyguard.

    Roberson and his sister have co-owned the bar since 2008.

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    Surveillance: Manager accused of spiking female bartender's drink