• More issues arise between Lynx and Lake County officials


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - There are more issues Tuesday afternoon between Lynx and Lake County officials.

    The county says Lynx changed the deal surrounding Route 55, which takes riders from Four Corners to Kissimmee.

    After being cut once already, Lynx wants to cut the route again, and they want to charge the county even more money.

    But now, officials told WFTGV reporter Berndt Petersen they want the old route back.

    Some riders say they now have to walk up to three miles just to get to their bus.

    Celeste Clifford takes the bus to work every morning, and she said getting back home is the tricky part.

    "The problem comes in the evening.  The bus quits running at 6:14, and I arrive on the other side of town at 7:30," she said.

    It's Lynx bus 55 from Four Corners in Lake County to Kissimmee.

    "This Route 55 is not in any way a convenience route.  It's purely for people to get to work and back," said Welton Cadwell, Lake County Commission. 

    Last June, the Lake County Commission ended its subsidy of the route and Lynx promptly cancelled it.   After months of negotiations, the rides resumed a few weeks ago.  But service was cut from 32 round trips per day to 16. 

    Now, Lynx aims to cut it again to just eight trips and charge Lake County $16,000 more.

    "My concern is we're paying more money for less service," said Tim Sullivan, Lake County Commission.

    Lynx claims its routes had to be restructured for the new SunRail facility in Kissimmee, adding an extra three miles.

    "Because of SunRail, we are basically having to pay for SunRail," said Sean Parks, Lake County Commission.

    But it leaves bus riders like Clifford looking for another way home.

    "This week alone, I spent $70 in cab fare," Clifford said.

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    More issues arise between Lynx and Lake County officials