Mother of slain daughter upset with slow pace of trial

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — The mother of a murdered 16-year old girl is frustrated about the slow pace of her daughter’s trial.

Orange County deputies said Sanel Saint-Simon, the mother’s boyfriend, beat the teen to death in July 2014.

The judge was unhappy because there are many hearings at the courthouse and it’s hard to find courtroom time, and the family was unhappy because they need to come to another hearing.

Alexandria Chery’s family attends every hearing.

"This has been heart-wrenching for the family to have to go through. It will be two years when this trial starts from when Alexandria was murdered,” prosecutor Ryan Vescio said.

Saint-Simon’s attorney told the judge Friday they had recently filed five motions, which were already supposed to have been submitted.

"That is a bit of a monkey wrench into our schedule,” the judge said. %



Two motions ask for Saint-Simon’s six-hour interview with detectives. A third motion was heard and denied. Two others asked to throw out video of a car that is believed to belong to the defendant, as well as a picture of Alexandria’s body.

"They are frustrated that the process takes this long and, as we have discussed with them, we all have an obligation to do it right,” Vescio said.

The next hearings are scheduled for June 20 and 24.