• New videos released in case of Chuluota man accused of killing parent, brother

    By: Jeff Levkulich , James Tutten


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Newly released videos are shedding a new light on the triple murder of a Chuluota family in January.

    Grant Amato is accused of killing his parents and one brother in the family's home.

    One of the videos shows detectives interviewing Amato days after the murders.


    Amato's attorneys claimed there was no physical evidence tying their client to the scene.

    One piece of physical evidence investigators said they have is a pair of black leather gloves that were found in a bag in Amato's hotel room.

    The gloves were tested, and it was determined to have gunshot residue on them, investigators said.

    Detectives also claim to have surveillance video from the neighborhood which shows Amato at the home. But it is exempt from public record.

    Among the new footage released is body camera video of the first deputies to arrive at the Amato's home on Sultan Circle on the morning the bodies were discovered.

    In the video, deputies cleared the home and the property so investigators could process the gruesome triple murder scene inside.

    That's where they found Margaret Amato, Chad Amato and their adult son Cody, all shot in the head.

    The day after the murders, and for several hours, investigators questioned the Amato's other son, Grant, about his involvement:

    Investigator: I think there was something that obviously happened at the house. Tell me what happened?

    Amato: I don't know what happened.

    Investigator: I know better. Listen to me. I know, better. I can help you, Grant, with honesty. I can help you with honesty.

    Grant Amato told investigators he had been kicked out of the house after he had been warned about talking to a Bulgarian call girl online, but he never wavered on his innocence.

    Investigators told Amato they had a digital trail of what he had looked up online and where he'd been for the past 48 hours. They also told him that they had surveillance video from the neighborhood.

    A woman who lives near the home told investigators she saw Amato pulling out of the neighborhood in his car around 8 a.m. the day the bodies were discovered. Amato claims it wasn't him.

    Grant Amato will be back in court later this month after requesting another bond hearing.

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