• NTSB report: Disney World employees at fault for fatal 2009 monorail crash


    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla.,None - WFTV has obtained a new National Transportation and Safety Board report about the deadly monorail crash at Walt Disney World two years ago.

    The NTSB report found Disney World was at fault. It seems just a moment of inattention caused this crash.

    [Read the document: NTSB report on fatal Disney monorail crash ]

    The report placed responsibility squarely on one of the monorail's panel operators, and one of its managers for the accident that killed 21-year-old Austin Wuennenberg. It included a telling new photo of the damage.

    The report found that the monorail's primary panel shifter essentially got briefly distracted in the wee hours of July 5, 2009.

    A report of a malfunctioning door on another monorail train took his focus off shifting the tracks for Wuennenberg's inbound train.

    Without that critical shift, Wuennenberg's purple monorail train slammed right into the pink monorail train as it was backing  into the station.

    The theme park insisted it has already made necessary changes. One of those safety improvements includes the development of standard operating procedures for the monorail.

    Leading up to this accident, Disney World had no such across-the-board standards in place for the monorail.

    In addition to the loss of life, the report said the monorail suffered $24 million in damage.

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