Opening of new OIA terminal could be delayed

OIA building a new terminal

ORLANDO, Fla. — The CEO of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority said timing will be tight to open the new terminal at Orlando International Airport on time in 2021.

The multibillion dollar south terminal project is currently 20 percent complete, CEO Phil Brown said Monday.

Airport leaders said all but one small chunk of the expansion is on schedule. It’s the support structure for the roads that will eventually lead to arrival and departure levels, they said, that’s running behind.

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They said that portion is behind because they decided to make the road bigger.

A rainy winter has also delayed portions of the construction.

“A rainy summer is going to be more of a challenge," Brown said.

There are 25,000 people working to bring the new terminal out of the ground.

Brown said they’re all working as hard as they can to hit their opening date goal.